RATES :: electronic repair
      RATES :: guitar repair

RATES :: electronic repair rates
Shop Rate
- minimum
$75.00 plus parts
Tube amp bias - adjustable bias
- non adjustable bias
Amp Tune up - includes bias, cleaning, conditioning all potentiometers, switches, jacks. Retension tube sockets. Tighten all loose screws, bolts, jacks etc. Test and diagnose general operation, Test power tubes, power supply, and failed or missing components. $75.00
Mods – At time of tune up $35.00 + per plus parts
Recap- install New power supply and bias capacitors, replace power supply and bias resistors if necessary. does not include parts.

$75.00 plus parts. If done with a tune up included in tune up price.

RATES :: guitar repair
parts extra

Complete Set-up.. (Floyd/Kahler +$20)
New Nut

$55.00 plus part
Re-Fret $350.00 and up
Fret Dress and Crown $75.00 - $125.00
Re-level Frets $75.00 and up
Replace Pickup 1st electric
- Additional pickup


Replace Output Jack $25.00+parts
Replace Volume / Tone Pot $25.00 each+parts
Replace Switch $25.00 + parts
Tremolo Adjustment
- Floyd or Kahler
Electronic troubleshoot $45.00
Install Acoustic Pickup and jack $75 + depends on Pickup
Install or replace pickguard like kind $30.00 +
Install strap pin acoustic $15.00
Additional services , ie buzzes, noise, all other Estimate at time
Custom work, routing , electronic mods, etc Estimate